Bitcoin VS Chainlink

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Bitcoin VS Chainlink

Bitcoin train has long departed. To get on the 1 total BTC won't be easy, the best solution is buying fractions at a time, either weekly or monthly, without really looking at the actual price.

What could be the next best train to take if you would like to have a good number of total coins which might explode in value shortly?

If you have been looking at markets lately; Chainlink (LINK) has been steadily maintaining its position almost as if it is a stable coin. Yet this is not entirely a bad thing, actually its a good thing. The more a price stays within the same zone, the more robust its resistance to hold such a position in the long run.

Don't be fooled; LINK has been rising since the beginning of 2021, and LINK/USD charts show that its currently holding around $29 while its upside target is roughly $34. With such a strong signal, it is literally now screeching "BUY ME!"

In terms of Bitcoin terms pair against LINK, the gap between bitcoin and all other altcoins gets bigger and bigger at each pump Bitcoin has. Yet, if LINK manages to recoup its previous paid level price, this would put LINK up to $71+ obviously we are speaking at current BTC USD value.

With the current bullish sentiment, I believe a $71+ LINK is most likely to happen soon, we also need to remember what LINK is. Defi has been one of the main pushers for this wave, and when we speak of LINK, it is currently one of the leading big players in such field.

If you would like to take this opportunity and become a Chainlink hodler, please do not hesitate to buy such an asset from the linked crypto exchanges. On the main page, you also can find the lowest price from where to purchase LINK. If for any reason you are unaware of how to buy crypto assets, how to and where to hold them or any crypto-related difficulty you might have. Please do not hesitate to schedule a meeting with me through our chatbot. I would gladly enjoy guiding you through and clarifying any inquiry you might have.

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