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Bitponder mission is to help people understand crypto currencies, and make the best use of such technologies, being it for work or investments purposes. We don't promise you false guaranteed gains, we aim to help you understand what to expect, how to get into crypto and how to manage your crypto.

First important rule to learn: Not my Keys! Not my Crypto! - ready to learn more?


Do you want to get in the game of trading, hodling or even using bitcoin?

Bitcoin or any other alt coint is nothing more than an other currency, just as like we use EUR or USD, Bitcoin is a digital currency which is becoming more and more accepted everywhere in the world.

Bitcoin purpose is to decentralise currencies and put people in charge, eliminating any 3rd parties such as banks. Goverments print money as if there is no tomorrow, with countries like US having a debt which will never bee paid back, all at the mercy of people who pay taxes. Bitcoin seeks to stop this.



Jason Bonnici

Co Founder / Bitponder

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